The national dust monitoring system of the country was set up by Knowledge Base of Sepehr Dour Kav to monitor the country's and Middle East's dust situation in 1395


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Regional Monitoring Of Dust Events

Dust storms are issues beyond geographic boundaries, and therefore, looking at this phenomenon and planning to control it requires a regional scale look. Reducing the occurrence of dust in the region and controlling it requires accurate data and local analysis alongside long-term cooperation and interaction between the countries of the region.


Identification Of The Dust Sources

Identifying internal and external centers, determining their contribution to creating dust storms in the interior, and monitoring how they are expanded over time is the cornerstone of planning to control and deal with future dust storms. Sepehr Dour Kav co. has developed a dust monitoring algorithm based on satellite imagery and processes about 2000 images per year


Monitoring the Effectiveness of Dust Centers

Protective measures to stabilize dust cores often require large amounts of energy and energy. Monitoring the effectiveness of these measures can be effective in modifying the consolidation process, identifying the best practices and managing future stabilization operations.


Air Quality Zoning

Due to the fact that the criteria used to express air quality status are generally based on indicators such as PM10, point-to-point, and not generalizable for vast areas, a new product has been produced by Sepehr Dour Kav co. as developed a new product based on satellite air quality indexes


Parametric Monitoring Of Dust Events

Research shows that in the absence of vegetation in the area, wind and soil moisture are two main factors in the creation and control of dust events. Therefore, Sepehr Dour Kav Co. has provided long-term and simultaneous monitoring of satellite and wind moisture, the thresholds for detecting dust storms and suitable solutions for dewatering or increasing the soil moisture content to deal with dust.

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The national dust monitoring system of the country was set up by Knowledge Base of Sepehr Dour Kav co. to monitor the drought situation in the country and the Middle East region. Dusting intensity maps and frequency of dusts occurring in the region in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 using satellite images of the satellite and performing the necessary processes in the model of drought monitoring processor are generated on daily, monthly and annual time scales, and in the national system Dust Country Monitor Uploaded. In this system, several intense and noticeable dust events have been evaluated and their maps have been produced that are available to users of the system
The processes performed in this system are based on more than 5,000 satellite images and 5 different dust monitoring algorithms, and after verifying the results of each method in comparison with ground data, including horizontal visibility, determination codes for dust source and concentration values Particles, the best results have been used to generate output maps

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